As a young professional, renewable energy was only a dream, and today technology and science have merged to change civilization as we know it. I wake up every day excited to work on projects that only a short while ago were considered science fiction.

Tony’s relentless desire to help clients accomplish their dream projects, and his ability to match Nobis’ people and services to his client’s needs is why Tony was chosen as Director of Project Development at Nobis. As Director, he works with Nobis’ marketing team to implement the business development plan and develop relationships that will strengthen Nobis’ position within targeted market sectors. Tony’s personal mission is to create partnerships with clients, dedicating himself to ensuring that both their confidence and trust is built in Nobis by providing guidance and solutions that ultimately achieve their goals.

Throughout his career, Tony’s major area of interest has been the renewable energy market. He brings over 20 years of energy development experience working with developers, elected officials, regulators, and contractors to create alternative energy solutions that better communities. His passion led him to found American Energy Independence Company, a New Hampshire based firm that manufactures environmentally friendly renewable non-petroleum based products.  He also co-founded Sustainable Refining, LLC, a manufacturer of 100% vegetable oil-based rust preventative and lubrication products.  As former Mayor of the City of Franklin (Franklin), Tony vigorously supported the Northern Pass Project, a proposed 192-mile transmission line that would have delivered clean, affordable, renewable base-load energy from hydroelectric plants in Canada to New Hampshire and the rest of New England.  He was also instrumental in acquiring regulatory approval for Franklin’s Whitewater Park, the first riverbed altered whitewater feature park in New England.  Currently under construction, The New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs has forecasted that when complete the park will not only bring tens of thousands of whitewater enthusiasts to Franklin, but will also significantly bolster local economies.

Life Outside of Nobis

Whether it’s weight training, hiking, or snorkeling, Tony tries to stay fit by incorporating physical activity into his daily routine. He enjoys spending time with his wife at their home in Florida, where he gets to go for morning swims in the Gulf of Mexico, and afternoon bicycle rides along the Venice Florida Canal. In addition to his leisure activities, Tony believes in public service, having served as a school board member, city councilor, and mayor in the City of Franklin, New Hampshire.