I love the collaboration at Nobis. Everyone is willing to help and be a mentor.

As Director of Geotechnical Engineering, Brien is responsible for ensuring that the geotechnical group has the resources and skills necessary to provide practical engineering solutions. Brien joined Nobis in 2011 to support the growing geotechnical group in Massachusetts. He enjoys the collaboration and passion shown by the engineers he works with to complete projects from small to large. He has worked on a variety of small to large commercial, state-municipal, and transportation related projects. During his time at Nobis, Brien has provided technical assistance on complex geotechnical projects and time-critical design-build projects.

Life Outside of Nobis

Brien and his wife, Erin, enjoy travelling and spending time with their young daughter. Most weekends are spent at the playground, library, or play dates. When the weather is nice, and we aren’t at the playground, he likes to spend time smoking pulled pork or brisket. Brien also enjoys spending time with his friends playing the latest multiplayer video game.