Nobis’ culture is one of empowerment and inclusiveness, which allows all of us the freedom to serve our clients in the most responsive and effective way possible.

For almost 30 years, Al has worked on a wide range of engineering projects and corporate initiatives, which have provided him the tools and experience to serve as Nobis’ Vice President of Engineering & Compliance. In this role, he is responsible for the firms’ risk mitigation strategies including performing contract reviews, administering corporate insurance policies, and developing standard operating procedures. He is also developing and leading Nobis’ project management training initiative.

In addition, Al continues to support the geotechnical team by developing client relationships and reviewing/advising on complex technical issues. His vast experience managing both small and large site development and transportation projects has provided him valuable insight into understanding clients’ needs and providing solutions to challenging geotechnical conditions. Al views success as achieving his client’s goals, finding cost-effective solutions to geotechnical challenges, and helping the geotechnical team’s young professionals thrive.

Life Outside of Nobis

Al and his wife, Luci Anne, are now enjoying some additional free time as new empty-nesters. Al also enjoys the occasional run and weight room session and previously qualified for and completed each Boston Marathon from 2008 to 2014. When he’s not exerting himself in the weight room, he can often be found exercising his green thumb in his backyard paradise.