I love that I’m able to do high-level technical work here at Nobis. I get to support some really interesting projects with very unique technical challenges.

Jenny provides high-level hydrogeological support and help to develop other scientists’ technical skills, both in geology/hydrogeology, and in regulatory and communication expertise. As Director of Environmental Services for New Hampshire, Jenny works to ensure that her staff has the skills and support they need to thrive and perform high-quality work.

In addition to her role as Director, Jenny specializes in contaminant hydrogeology and, specifically, contaminant fate and transport. Having spent more than 10 years doing primarily field work, Jenny has an understanding of field logistics and where the data is coming from. On the regulatory side, she has a deep understanding of the federal CERCLA process, but has worn many hats and understands state regulations, including air permitting requirements for New Hampshire.

Life Outside of Nobis

Jenny loves not only travelling, but planning trips and doing extensive research into each destination before she visits. At home, she enjoys playing a variety of board games with her family and participating in “Game Day” at her local comic book store. Jenny is also an avid gardener and has been working on adding a variety of native plants to her garden to support local wildlife.