We’re passionate about the growth of renewable and alternative energy. But we also recognize that the world isn’t fully there yet — traditional energy sources are still crucial to our infrastructure.

Whether your project involves the permitting or development of a renewable energy, the conversion or extension of an existing utility, or providing energy and utility services to your development project, Nobis has the engineering expertise you need.

the win-win of renewable energy

Many of our projects transform underutilized assets into sources of clean energy and reduced costs – creating a safer, better contribution to the local community while delivering profit to the owner. From solar developments to wind power and natural gas pipelines – we look at each project as an opportunity to make the Earth a better place.

specializing in energy infrastructure

Our team of dedicated engineers and scientists are experts in the complexities of energy infrastructure projects. Whether you need support with regulatory challenges, site selection, engineering design, permitting, or environmental due diligence, we have the knowledge and resources to get the job done.