By Tony Giunta, PG, Director of Project Development
Nobis has partnered with NH Solar Garden in the development of 15 solar projects throughout central and southern New Hampshire. Nobis is at the forefront of the escalating solar industry in the State of New Hampshire and is considered the leading consulting firm in the renewable energy field providing comprehensive public relations, regulatory negotiations, land planning, engineering design, and permitting services. Nobis has provided designs for a wide range of solar installations from small scale (less than 1 Megawatt) to large scale (greater than 1 Megawatt) systems, both as ground-based and rooftop mount type systems. Solar arrays such as these are being developed on municipal and privately-owned properties that are currently being transformed from underutilized assets to sustainable, renewable energy resources.

Nobis successfully designed and permitted the largest multi-site solar installation in the State of New Hampshire for the City of Franklin. At roughly 10 megawatts, the system is designed to supplement current electricity demand and to transfer power directly to the energy grid. The project allows the City of Franklin to transform underutilized land into sources of clean energy while reducing its overall electricity costs.

Solar projects Nobis is currently working on in New Hampshire include:

• LL&S, Inc. Landfill, Salem (1.3 MW)
• ERRCO Facility, Epping (778 KW)
• Cunningham Lane, Chester (1 MW)
• Evergreen, Lisbon (750 KW)
• Concord Road, Lee (100 KW)

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