We have great people and fantastic culture. To come to work each day knowing that you get to work with others who want to be there just like you do is amazing. The talented and dedicated professionals we have love what they do, and it shows. Nobis is an amazing team to be a part of.

Nobis Group employees are the company’s most valuable resource. As Director of Human Resources, Vicki’s role is to retain Nobis talent while also determining ways to attract and acquire new, additional talent to grow Nobis’s team. HR oversees the life cycle of employees beginning with recruitment and through their whole time of employment with the company; overseeing employee benefits, maintaining policies and procedures to ensure a safe, fair, and equitable work environment, motivating employees, and assisting with Nobis’s overall strategic goals.

Vicki’s expertise as an HR professional provides her the knowledge and skills necessary to go from working on a benefits renewal package, assisting an employee with a personal matter, to required reporting and compliance.

Life Outside of Nobis

Vicki loves music, getting together with her family, walking/hiking, reading, painting, and crafting. Vicki has been decorative painting for over 20 years and still loves it. In recent years, she has expanded her crafting to include a Cricut cutting machine to design apparel. Vicki regularly volunteers in Nobis’s community involvement events and also is involved with her local church and food pantry program.