When it comes to creating a sustainable future, we own it.

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Founded in 1988, Nobis Group is an integrated consulting firm providing engineering and environmental solutions for public and private projects of all sizes. We are committed to solving the challenges of making the Earth a better place to live - community by community, and project by project.

what it’s like to work with us

As an employee-owned business, everyone here at Nobis is empowered, engaged, and committed to get each project done exactly how the client needs it done. This has created a culture of personal pride in our work and our relationships, giving our clients confidence that we will deliver.

Our commitment to the environment runs deep.

We look at each project as an opportunity to make our communities a better place. Whether we’re incorporating sustainable features into our designs, using green and sustainable practices during our field work and site cleanups, or restoring a former Brownfields site, our employees are actively committed to protecting our environment.

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Nannu Nobis, PE

President & CEO

Ken Koornneef, PE

Senior VP of Marketing & Sales

Pete Delano, PE

Vice President of Finance

Janet Riel

Vice President of Operations

Chris Adams, PE

Director of Civil Engineering

Brett Kay

Director of Environmental (NH)

Jenny Lambert, PG

Director of Environmental (MA)

Denis McGrath, CHMM

Director of Geotechnical

Al Jones, PE

Director of Commercial Services

Chris Nadeau, PE

Director of Federal

Scott Harding, PE

Director of Transportation

Kurt Jelinek, PE

Director of State & Municipal

Tim Andrews, PG

Director of Water Supply

Jim Vernon, PhD, PG, CG

Director of Project Development

Tony Giunta, PG

Director of Project Development

Jeffrey Brunelle, CPG