balancing project needs

You want to achieve your specific land and site development goals. The community has a complex regulatory maze you must navigate. Environmentally-sensitive issues may exist. There can be many complex challenges to ensuring an accessible and highly-functional finished project.

Our engineers will guide you through it all – from start to finish.

no project is too big or too small

Nobis handles projects of every size – from a small retail location to large commercial developments. By integrating our civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, and environmental expertise, Nobis will streamline your project’s design, permitting, and development.

easier permitting

No matter how well-planned a project is, unanticipated changes can happen. We actively manage the planning and permitting phase to avoid regulatory slowdowns or constructability issues and keep your project on track.

smart, thoughtful design

Our engineers design sites that meet your needs, maximizes the site layout, and benefit the community. Using Low Impact Development (LID) design, our proven green design practices reduce the human impact on the environment and make for healthier living spaces.