I love listening, learning, and solving problems. I have a passion for coaching and mentoring staff to promote personal and professional growth. Working at Nobis has provided me with vast amounts of opportunity to learn, problem solve, coach, and mentor staff across the civil, environmental, and geotechnical teams. I challenge myself to learn something new every day and to share something with someone else every day.

As Vice President of Operations, Brett is a leader who is committed to leading by example. He engages staff, clients, and regulators, and listens to others regardless of their rank. Brett communicates efficiently and effectively to build relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Over the past 20 years, in addition to his role as Vice President of Operations, Brett has spent most of his professional career as a project engineer and project manager, working on site/civil design and construction projects throughout New England. He is dedicated to actively engaging and understanding the personalities and goals of internal and external team members. Brett brings the teams together to find the best technical and financial solutions for Nobis’s clients. He is not afraid to try new opportunities and encourage others to do the same.

Life Outside of Nobis

Brett’s life out side of Nobis is busy with his wife, two sons, and two dogs, with always an event, appointment, or party to get to. He enjoys playing sports, skiing, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, and biking with his family. Brett enjoys sitting by a campfire or in a kitchen sharing stories and laughter with family and friends. Brett advocates leaving your phone inside and going outside to enjoy nature. Whether that is doing yard work, splitting wood, shoveling snow, or building something new, disconnecting for a few hours can provide an astonishing amount of mental clarity. Brett participates in Nobis’s community involvement events year round and is always willing to lend a hand to his elderly neighbors.