Comprehensive consolidation of eight elementary schools into five schools – including three new schools and continued use of two existing schools

Nobis was selected to provide civil engineering, geotechnical services, and landscape architecture expertise for this $42 million schools consolidation project. Nobis prepared schematic and full design services, and prepared construction documentation. Design work included building layout, vehicle and pedestrian circulation, utility improvements, and recreational facilities.

A key Nobis role included community-outreach and steering committee to the public and school board to present our designs and solicit feedback. Nobis was responsible to pursue needed local and state permit approvals, perform a subsurface investigation, and provide geotechnical engineering expertise related to the building and facility foundation systems. Nobis provided construction administration services until project completion.


  • Three large construction projects for the Concord School District were underway at the same time. At the three new schools, unsuitable soil and poor subsurface conditions impacted the construction of foundation systems.
  • The design and construction had to take into account two active schools where staff, children, parents, and associated vehicles circulated through the school complex during construction.


  • Nobis designed innovative foundation and dewatering systems, employed wintertime construction best practices to improve soil conditions to mitigate poor soils and subsurface conditions, and implemented an effective vehicle and pedestrian traffic plan to maintain safety during construction. Nobis also implemented an innovative porous asphalt pavement product for walkways and driveways to control storm water runoff provide surface water quality.


New modern schools benefit the entire community. At all three new schools, our innovative system of storm water controls, use of porous asphalt pavement, mechanical treatment units, rain gardens, tree boxes, and subsurface infiltration galleries, reversed many adverse effects on storm water runoff from previously developed sites. As a result of Nobis’ commitment to sustainable design, this project was recognized for meeting the green standards set forth by The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and our client received an additional three percent of State funding. The project was completed $7M below budget and was recognized locally – “The new schools vibrate with energy and excitement. They are also a wonder of technology…All in all, Concord’s elementary school consolidation was a masterful piece of work.”