Design and permit a 3.7 MW solar array constructed upon the Farmington Municipal Landfill

Nobis provided civil and geotechnical engineering, and environmental services for the design and permitting of a solar development located at the Farmington Municipal Landfill. The design supported a 3.7 MW ground-mounted photovoltaic array constructed as two adjacent systems with one array located on the landfill and one on an abutting parcel.

Nobis performed the siting analyses which included historical site data, local zoning and planning regulations, existing infrastructure, environmentally sensitive areas, and related permitting requirements. A geotechnical investigation was also performed to assess site soils and landfill subsurface conditions to accommodate the proposed solar array foundations and structures.

To meet the permitting requirements, Nobis develop the panels, racking switchgear, and conduit layout drawings and developed the regulatory strategy for this project. Permitting was required due to the alteration of terrain which required certain specific soils mapping, storm water modeling, and storm water treatment measures to be implemented.


  • The solar array footprint encroached into the existing municipal landfill cap footprint and is also adjacent to the existing landfill gas mitigation system.


  • Nobis was able to partner with the developer and regulators to develop an overall site layout and solar array configuration that optimized the available site area while also complying with the applicable regulatory requirements.