Transformation of an underutilized commercial property into a long-term Renewable Energy capital producing asset

Nobis partnered with ReEnergy Holdings and NH Solar Garden to develop and capitalize underutilized properties into sustainable sources of renewable energy. As a result, the partnership designed, permitted, and constructed a 778-kilowatt ground-mounted solar array at the ReEnergy facility in Epping, New Hampshire that occupied 2.5 acres.

Nobis conducted a siting analysis to maximize energy production by optimizing the panel layout and orientation and developed a regulatory strategy with our partners. Engineering services included site layout, demolition support, site grading, and utility design tasks. Significant coordination with local, State, and Federal regulatory agencies was also provided. Solar energy projects were new to this municipality requiring significant stakeholder coordination to reconcile the local drainage and land disturbance requirements with the needs of the project. The project was successfully permitted and sold for operation by a new entity. Nobis also provided support during construction, including construction documentation, inspection, and progress reporting.


  • Poor site soils and challenging site topography that jeopardized the schedule and deadline that had to be achieved in order to obtain available solar rebates.


  • Nobis developed and implemented several innovative best management practices to maintain the schedule and maximize production including temporary diversion trenches and pumping systems to manage construction-phase surface water, and placement of compost blankets and hydroseed with tackifiers to promote site stabilization


The project was successfully constructed and connected to the electric grid in 2017 to provide 778 kilowatts of renewable power.