Geotechnical engineering services to support a feasibility study for the proposed construction of a K-8 public school project

Nobis was selected to help the Town of Lincoln assess the feasibility of construction of a new K-8 public school in accordance with Massachusetts School Building Authority guidelines. Nobis implemented a subsurface exploration program to identify potential geotechnical and subsurface concerns and building constraints. Poor soils and subsurface conditions, in addition to nearby adjacent wetland areas, greatly reduced the development potential of the site. Nobis developed design options that avoided costly deep foundation structures and would mitigate disturbance to the wetlands areas. Nobis also developed design measures to prevent settlement due to organic deposits and mitigate post-construction settlements of a proposed roadway.


  • A thick layer of organic deposits was identified within the corner of the proposed building footprint adjacent to a 50-foot wetlands buffer.


  • Nobis successfully developed design alternatives that avoided costly deep foundation systems and would mitigate disturbance to the wetlands areas.


The School Building Committee was provided with a variety of renovation, building addition, and new building alternatives to consider.