Nobis Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Adams, PE and Pete Delano, PE to the company’s Board of Directors.

Adams joined Nobis Group in 1999 and brings 24 years of design, construction, and management related industry experience. He serves as Vice President of Operations where he oversees Nobis Group’s resources with a focus on technical growth, process efficiency, technology integration, and overall project delivery excellence.

Delano joined Nobis Group in 1995 and serves as Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales where he’s responsible for shaping and leading Nobis Group’s overall strategic growth and business development initiatives. Delano brings 36 years of management, executive, and business development industry experience.

“I’m extremely pleased to have both Chris and Pete as new Directors on the Board. Both have played a big part in Nobis’s success over many years. And, as Nobis now aims for further growth as a 100% employee-owned company, their continued leadership will be key,” said Ken Koornneef, Nobis CEO and Board Chairman. Kirk Leoni, CPA and Roseline Bougher, President of A.D. Marble & Company, continue to serve on Nobis Group’s Board, also as Directors.

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