Nobis offers water supply services that include broad planning and assessment services from a water resources perspective and technical “bread and butter” services focusing on locating, developing, and permitting groundwater sources for water supply (wells) for Public Water Systems, private water supplies, and water bottlers. Nobis is highly experienced with wells tapping both overburden and bedrock aquifers.

Our projects include new gravel-packed wells for large community water systems, including permitting under New Hampshire’s Large Groundwater Withdrawal program and corresponding programs in other states. Nobis has also located, installed, tested, and permitted bedrock wells for Small Community Water Systems and non-Community Water Systems. Nobis also offers a range of complementary engineering services for water system design and upgrade, through both in-house resources and collaboration with other engineering firms.
Additional services include assessing existing water supply sources, trouble-shooting water supply problems (e.g. increasing demand or declining yield), PFAS testing and assessment, grant/loan application, preparation of water conservation plans, and groundwater/wellhead protection.

Nobis’ current, recent, and prospective water supply clients include several New Hampshire and Massachusetts municipalities (towns, districts, and precincts), private water suppliers, homeowner associations, and partner engineering firms.