Restoration and planned reuse of former manufacturing facility Brownfields site

Nobis was selected to conduct environmental investigation and remedial activities at the site of a former electronics manufacturing facility where past use and storage of solvents and petroleum had impacted the soil and groundwater. The facility had been demolished and sat empty with the Town of Chelmsford seeking a solution to sell the Brownfields site for redevelopment.

Nobis successfully supported the Town to secure EPA grants that would fund the needed environmental investigations and remedial actions, conducted subsurface investigations, performed hazardous building material surveys, and provided building demolition support. Nobis developed a remedial action plan that included in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and in-situ bioremediation (IB) to address source removal and reduction of contaminants in site soil and groundwater. Bench-scale treatability studies and a pilot study to assess the effectiveness of ISCO and ISB in reducing Site contaminant concentrations and to support full-scale remedial design. To seek out developers for the Town, Nobis provided bid assistance support as well.


  • Nobis identified data gaps that prevented a full understanding of the cleanup effort required to bring the site to closure and identified a contaminant plume beneath the building.


  • Nobis developed a phased project approach where hazardous materials were abated and the building was demolished first, which allowed Nobis to more effectively conduct a Phase II Site assessment to more accurately assess the nature and extent of contamination below the former building.


The Town has successfully identified a developer to purchase and transform this blighted Brownfields site into a commercial bus depot/maintenance facility that will generate tax revenue for the Town.